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Wrath of the Secretary image

Wrath of the Secretary

literary, mainstream Published 15 October 2021
While attempting to arrange an appointment, a disoriented man gets into a moral argument with a secretary that leads to surreal philosophical discussion.
Sample: Walter's Heist (chapter 1) image

Sample: Walter's Heist (chapter 1)

mainstream, science fiction Published 05 May 2020
In order to survive in a dystopian society ravaged by disease, a young man steals rare medical supplies to sell to the wealthy.
Shopping for Romance image

Shopping for Romance

mainstream, literary Published 01 February 2020
A man grapples with the negative aspects of dating culture that confront him as he goes on a date with a woman he met on the internet.
A Night Out image

A Night Out

literary, mainstream Published 30 January 2018
A young man, disillusioned by the bar scene in his native San Francisco, narrates his inner thoughts as he rides out a night on the town.
The Duelist's Dilemma image

The Duelist's Dilemma

period fiction, mainstream Published 27 January 2018
An 18th century pistol duel takes a turn for the worse when an unexpected accident intertwines the fates of the two duelists.
A Family Feud image

A Family Feud

comedic fiction, mainstream Published 30 December 2017
The holidays aren't always sweetness and cheer... Just ask Anita, a young woman struggling to get through a gathering with her inlaws.