About the Author

About My Writing

I mostly write mainstream and science fiction, though I'm not bashful, and have no issue experimenting with different genres. I've taken a break from publishing on my website, focusing on trying to get my material into some journals—for professional reasons, you see. I do intend put those stories here, though, once I reclaim rights to publishing.

About Me

Trevor Sorel is a writer, musician, and (former) software developer from the Bay Area.

He is currently painfully aware that he is writing about himself in third person, and feels quite uncomfortable about the whole ordeal; Trevor has never been much of a salesperson and is highly self critical. He questions how much about him is really worth knowing, and questions you for wanting to know about him in the first place... but you should keep reading his stuff... and sharing it. He likes it when you do those things.

If you're interested in listening to some of his music, you can find that by clicking here. Though, he asks that you don't base your interest in his writing on your interest in his music. Why would you, you ask? Because you're a dirty heuristic thinker, like every other stinking bipedal ape on this planet, and were about to do just that.

Have a wonderful day.